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Restaurant Pizzeria Syracuse

Delicious receipts

Sicily is a rich territory where it is possible to admire the essence of the Mediterranean cuisine. Many centuries of history and conquerors have enabled the community of different cultures and traditions. Of course, those traditions and cultures have influenced every field, such as the artistic and culinary one. That is why the traditional Sicilian cuisine distinguishes itself in the gastronomic panorama of Italy.
Variety, quality and fresh ingredients are the key-features of this traditional cuisine, which relies on simple products that, once combined, are able to create gourmet dishes and satisfy the most demanding clients.
Anyone who decides to try the restaurant pizzeria in Syracuse of L'Asteria Blu Marina Resort will be immediately conquered by the delicious flavors. On the amazing terrace by the sea, it is possible to taste excellent menu in which the delicate seafood products meet those coming from the land. Moreover, the chef uses his creativity to review traditional receipts and create new special ones.

This is the ideal place for a light lunch, a pizza shared with your friends or a romantic dinner by the sea in an elegant and refined atmosphere. L'Asteria Blu Marina Resort's restaurant pizzeria in Syracuse offers to food lovers a menu with the best matches coming from the Mediterranean cuisine: seafood and meat appetizers; first course that combine homemade pasta with delicious sauces, daily prepared with genuine ingredients; second course depending on the catch of the day, or selected meats coming from qualified farms; seasonal side dishes prepared with local and biological crops and finally the famous Sicilian desserts.

To complete the picture, a wide selection of the finest wines is guaranteed. Prestigious brands are carefully selected among local, national and international wine cellars that enhance the flavor of the receipts prepared with love. To reserve a table at the restaurant pizzeria in Syracuse L'Asteria Blu Marina Resort, please call the following number 00393387232691. The staff will be delighted to reserve you the best table and provide an amazing dinner on the terrace by the sea.