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Boat excursions in Syracuse

Sea trips

Per Asteria Blue Marina Resort organizes adventurous boat excursions in Syracuse to sail the Mediterranean waters and discover the beautiful Sicilian island. The experienced team will guide you through the most beautiful islands, coasts and shores that have made Sicily one of the most famous tourist destination in the world. You will be able to admire the dry land from a different point of view, feel the smell of the sea on your skin and contemplate the far-away horizon. Just choose one of the scheduled boat excursions in Syracuse.

The excursions range from few hours to a maximum of 3 days with overnight stay on the boat. It is an experience to be remembered for long time and with pleasure. Asteria Blue Marina Resort will allow you to live a unique experience surrounded by the light-blue sky and the blue sea to discover charming and historical places. There are many itineraries and destinations to visit. Thanks to the great experience and the tourist offers provided by Asteria Blue Marina Resort, your vacation will be full of adventures!

Whether you are willing to make a few-hours' excursion off the coasts or try the magical experience of the open-sea-life and spend your nights on comfortable and well-equipped boats, Asteria Blu Marina Resort will surprise you with interesting offers.

Please refer to the below excursions offered. To obtain more information please send an email at

Times of departure and arrival depend on the weather conditions and sea-navigability.