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Taxi service Ortigia Syracuse

The best way to travel through the island

In order to discover Syracuse natural beauties, artistic and historical sights ,charming beaches and clear blue sky, it is possible to take advantage of the many services available to tourists. In fact, (company_name) offers sea taxi to Ortigia,an island dedicated to the hunt goodness Artemis as well as the beating heart of the city. It is a truly hidden paradise that extends for one square kilometer in which archaeological and artistic treasures are protected.

Sea taxi service to Ortigia will allow you to reach the downtown in a short time. It is a comfortable service plus you will be able to enjoy a ride on the sea. Forget about queues, traffic, traffic lights, noisy car horns and admire the breathtaking panorama. Thanks to the use of private boats, tourists and locals can easily move from one place to another during the day without having to comply with the ferries' schedule.

The sea taxi is by far the most comfortable and fast way to travel thanks to the boats' dimension, therefore it is recommended to those who wish to visit the charming Ortigia as well as to couples and grooms who want to get married in this fairyland.

To obtain more information about coasts mooring areas please contact the number 00393387232691.
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